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What is Style Check-In?

Style Check-In grants you fashion at your fingertips. Our agents are here to make sure you never say those dreaded words, "I have nothing to wear!" and are always answering the question, "Where did you get that?" Becoming a member gives you a one way ticket to your dream closet. We're steering you into forward fashion. Can you see the light?

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(Style selections) You relax while our dedicated fashion attendants prepare your carry-on for take-off!

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Give your style unique wings.

West Coast Cool Sample Image

West Coast Cool

You evoke a bohemian princess. Although you love clothes and can be fashion forward, you aren’t particularly high maintenance. You’re comfortable in your own skin, and more laid back than your east coast counter parts.

Your Vibe:
Easy-going, positive, open-minded

Hopeless Romantic Sample Image

Hopeless Romantic

You look at life through rose colored glasses. Fashion is just one way you express your love to the world and you believe in finding magic in the everyday. Think street style meets fairy tale.

Your Vibe:
Playful, passionate, alluring

Glam Socialite Sample Image

Glam Socialite

You’re never the wall flower at a party. Life and style is all about experimentation to you. Your playfulness shows in the way you mix and match prints and colors.

Your Vibe:
Charming, fun-loving, outgoing

Always a Lady Sample Image

Always a Lady

Class comes naturally to you. You always maintain a feminine aura with your style choices. Sometimes a simple dress is all you need—let your poise and elegance speak for itself.

Your Vibe:
Confident, inspiring, tasteful

  • Personalized style assesment
  • 3 unique pieces of clothing per box
  • Free Shipping
  • Hand-picked selections from our fashion attendants
  • Comfort in affordable pricing

Street Cred

“As a busy college student I don't have as much time to explore as many new stores and styles as I'd like to.That was my favorite part about my pieces- none of them were brands that I see all of the time. They were very unique and added a personal touch to my wardrobe. ”

Tannis // Saint Paul

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